We selected Birthing Beautiful Communities (BBC) to receive our donation for this quarter.  BBC  is a village of birth workers or doulas who primarily provide social support to pregnant women at highest risk for infant mortality during the perinatal period. BBC was established in 2014 with a mission to address and improve the systemic and community structures that lead to poor birth outcomes for African-American women through culture, education, advocacy, support and engagement. It holistically supports pregnant women to deliver full-term healthy babies, and in achieving equitable birth outcomes.  The doulas who deliver the service live and work in the same communities as their clients.  There is no fee for the service for women in economically depressed neighborhoods.  BBC partners with many community organizations including University Hospital, Metro and the Nurse Family Partnership.


Together we've donated  $197,850
for the benefit of our community. 

2013          $12,000   Welcome House, Inc.  

2014          $14,000    Thea Bowman Center 
                   $9450       Transitional Housing Incorporated
                  $7800      Art Palace
                  $9700      Rose Centers for Aging Well

 2015         $9900      Heights Youth Theater
                  $10,100   InMotion              
                   $10,000    The Magnolia Clubhouse
                  $10,300   Malachi House

2016          $11,300   The Upside of Downs
$12,000   The Cleveland Kids Bookbank
                  $12,150   Women's Wellness Foundation
$11,350   EDWINS Leadership Institute

2017          $12,000   Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio
                  $11,400   Babies Need Boxes Ohio

                  $11,300   Waiting Child Fund
                  $12,000   May Dugan Center

2018          $11,100   Youth Challenge
   Birthing Beautiful Communities