Donate to our selected non-profit through One Mission HERE

There will be a brief description of the recipient organization that was selected at our last meeting. 

We ask that you donate $104 to cover the cost of credit card and transaction fees. 

Click on “Donate” and you will be directed to the billing page. Disregard the “Send To” information as that is only for merchandise purchases. Just indicate mailing and billing address are the same.

Once you complete the donation you will receive an email that indicates your order is in process.  In about 24 hours you will receive a confirmation including a thank you letter from the recipient organization and a tax receipt for IRS purposes.

If you have any questions, please contact Julie Raskind at or 216-410-7396.

*One Mission is a crowd-raising website for non-profits to raise funds. They also process credit card payments for many non-profits including many 100 Women/Men groups around the country.